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Our History

“GEOHYDROCONSULT” was established in the year 1995 and is one of the first private firms in the Republic of Bulgaria providing services in the indicated fields like consulting and engineering. Since its establishment, the number of its employees has increased to 23 persons. The number of permanent experts in the firm is 11, competent in the field of hydrogeology, hydrology, geology, chemistry, geochemistry, ecology, management of wastes, Water and Canalization installations and software. Over the period of its existence, the firm’s consultants have managed and executed more than 60 projects.
Our consultants have successfully executed numerous projects and reports, in the following directions:

  1. Obtaining permits for building exploration-and-exploitation tubular wells;
  2. Obtaining permits for water-usage;
  3. Engineering-and-geological and hydrogeological studies related to evaluation of the geological base with regard to foundation conditions, including determination of the lithological structure of the earth base, physical-and-mechanical and deformation parameters of the construction soils; presence of underground waters; presence of dangerous physical-and-geological phenomena and processes threatening the construction planned.
  4. Assessment of the environmental impact of “Investment proposals in connection with a request for admission of investment designing for new construction, activity or technology”;
  5. Concession analyses – environmental, juridicial, social and economical;
  6. Assessments of damages from old pollutions for privatisation purposes;
  7. Environmental expertise and recommendations, management and implementation of complex reclamation projects.