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Style of work

The projects are managed and implemented by a multi-disciplinary team of specialists including environmental experts and experts on the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and the EU, information experts with specialization in the field of Geographic Information Systems, hydro-geologists, chemists, technologists, engineers and geologists. It is their joint work that makes possible the definition and solving of complex geological and environmental problems; with a high quality of performance meeting all international standards. In order to keep up with these standards, “GEOHYDROCONSULT” maintains regular contacts with the respective ministries, state bodies and international institutions. Our programs for processing of information obtained in field conditions comply with the requirements of the normative documents for our country, and upon the client’s request – applied are also the requirements of international standards. The results obtained are submitted in a report with graphic appendices as required, permitting design and construction to be carried out in optimal conditions with minimal expenses.