Engineering-and-geological investigations

“GEOHYDROCONSULT”, in the person of its associated experts, has considerable experience in the geological, geotechnical investigations for the needs of construction, industrial and civil hydromeliorative and hydrotechnical facilities. This permits us to offer to our clients solution of these problems in a rational manner by:

  1. Preparing assignments for investigation of construction grounds and linear facilities, taking into account previous studies and envisaging only really needed investigations and tests;
  2. Engineering-and-geological studies with laboratory investigations and preparation of reports with recommendations for design and construction optimization;
  3. Laboratory investigations of the physico-mechanical and strength-deformation parameters of construction soils;
  4. Field methods for investigations – “GEOHYDROCONSULT” disposes with the necessary equipment and can carry out the following tests: dynamic and static penetration trials, vertical electric drills (VED), linear geo-physical studies by means of “georadar”, portable drill apparatus “Rotenberger” and auto-drills;
  5. Investigations and development of projects for strengthening of the earth base in special construction soils, designated for construction ground;

The know-how adopted by the firm for solution of the above-listed tasks by preparing preliminary geotechnical expertise, makes possible preliminary assessment of risk phenomena and processes (landslides, cavings, suffosion, carst, etc.) in the respective regions, foundation and construction conditions. In parallel with that, the geotechnical expertise gives preliminary data on the possibilities provided by the ground (region) for establishment of water-taking facility. Our expertise is mainly based on engineering-geological and hydro-geological inspection, existing archive data on the region, as well as specialized geophysical studies, if necessary. To solve the wide range of tasks pertaining to the engineering-and-geological and hydro-geological studies, for a working project, in addition to the familiar traditional methods (drilling and exploration workings), we also use non-traditional methods with considerably lower expenses. These are on-site investigations (penetrations, cuttings, etc.) and geo-physical exploration methods. Thereby we can define the geological structure of the earth base, some deformation parameters of the construction soils (elastic modules, Poisson’s coefficient and by empirical relations – the static modules), localize and assess zones affected by physical-and-geological phenomena and processes like landslides, carst, failure zones, degree of fissuration of the massif, boggying, etc.

Geo-physical methods are widely used also for search of underground waters, thus saving labor-consuming drilling works, ensuring speed and continuous information about the region under consideration. The available apparatuses enable us to apply a complex of geo-physical methods:

  1. Vertical electric drilling (VED) (classic variant of the apparent resistance);
  2. Seismic profiling by the method of refracted waves (MRW) with shock excitation of seismic waves;
  3. Electric profiling (symetrically with one or simultaneously with several deliveries of the supply line, combined, dipole);
  4. Method of natural potentials (NP);
  5. Logging (by ?pr and by natural radio-activity);
  6. Electric-and-magnetic methods.

Our programs for processing of field data comply with the requirements of the normative documents for our country, and upon the client’s request applied are also the requirements of international standards.